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Tiffy Kink’s Extensive Guide to Condoms

Condoms for those who use them, are a sexy necessity that many people carry with them in their bags, purses, wallets, and even their back pockets. For the most part, we understand their main function, but let’s take a further look at condoms, what their made of, different styles, and some common Do’s and Dont’s.

Types of Condoms – What their made of

  1. Latex- is a naturally derived material that naturally occurs in nature. It can come from plants and such fruits like papaya and jackfruit. It is quite stretchy, flexible, and a widely popular amongst condom users.
  2. Polyurethane- Is made of thin plastic and is just as effective as latex and polyisoprene at preventing STD’s, STI’s, and un-wanted pregnancies. Just not as flexible. They can however, be used with oil-based lubricants, though I would personally suggest water or silicone-based lubricant for all penetrative play as some condom labels do specify which material is being used as refers to condoms that don’t contain latex as “Non-Latex”.
  3. Polyisoprene- is a man-made version of latex. It is made in a laboratory is therefore a more refined version of latex. Those who have latex allergies, may or may not experience an allergen trigger from this material.
  4. Sheepskin/Lambskin- Made of a layer of membrane from the sheep’s intestine’s called cecum, these condoms are very effective at protecting against un-wanted pregnancy, and they are NOT effective at protecting against STD’s and STI’s.
  5. Nitrile- Is a synthetic rubber that is non-latex. Another great option for those who are sensitive or allergic to latex. At this time, female condoms are the only safe-sex product made with nitrile. It can also be used with oil-based lubricant.

Types of Condoms- Style

  1. Lubricated- Theses condoms can have two different types of lubricant: water-based or silicone-based. Mainly silicone-based. Keep this in mind when using them with sex toys, as certain sex toy materials are not compatible with silicone lubricant.
  2. Non-Lubricated- These condoms are not lubricated and provide you with the option of using your favorite lubricant. Great for those who are sensitive to the lubricants traditionally found in most main-stream condom brands.
  3. Flavored- These are ideally used solely for oral sex because they are flavored, but in some cases can be used for penetrative sex. Some flavored lubricants that are on flavored condoms may contain glycerin, which can irritation to those who own a vagina.
  4. Textured- These condoms can come in studded, ribbed, or other patterns for added stimulation and sensation.

Types of Condoms-Size

  1. Regular- This size of condom can accommodate most average and above average members.
  2. Snug/Tapered- This size condom is great for those whose member have more length than girth.
  3. Large/XXL – This size of condom can be used for those who have more girth. It can also be ideal for those who are

Condom Do’s and Dont’s

  1. Do Not Use Oil-Based Lubricants with Latex Condoms- Using oil-based lubricants of any kind on latex condoms will break down the condom. Toys made with porous materials are NOT compatible with latex as porous sex toy materials like jelly, rubber, or TPR are softened with oil in the manufacturing process and therefore cannot be used with latex condoms as oil breaks down latex and will cause the condom to pop.
  2. Do Not Use Condoms Larger than Your Member- While wearing a larger-fitting condom may provide the wearer with a boost to their ego, wearing a larger-fitting condom that it too large for your member may result in condom slippage or the condom falling off completely while in use.
  3. Do Not Use Condoms Smaller Than Your Member- A snugger fit condom to some might feel more comfortable in some case, but using a condom smaller than your member ay cause the condom to pop during use if there is too much friction or cause irritation to the wearer.
  4. Do Not Re-Use Condoms- Condoms are intended to be a one-use product and is not meant to be re-used. Attempting to re-use a condom may result in being exposed to germs, STD’s or STI’s, and un-wanted pregnancy.
  5. Always Carry More Than One Condom- You should always carry more than one condom just in case you make a mistake like dropping a condom while trying to put it on or maybe you want to have another go at it. I would say the best number to go with is at least three condoms on your person if you know you might be having sex.
  6. Do Not Store Condoms in an Extremely Hot or Cold Climate- always store condoms out of the way of extreme heat or cold as it can compromise the condom and its effectivity.
  7. Do Not Use A Condom If There Is A Hole In It- I get it. In the throes of passion, one may not bother to properly inspect a condom for holes or other signs of damage. However, taking the time to inspect each condom before use may save you in the long run.

Final Thoughts

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