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5 Things You Should Never Do During Oral Sex

When it comes to giving and receiving oral sex, things can get tricky which can lead to a not so fun experience. The last thing you want to do is traumatize your partner who is either giving or receiving, turning them off from ever considering doing the act ever again. Even passing such trauma onto future partners. So here are 5 Things You Should Never Do During Oral Sex.

  1. Demanding Your Partner Go Down on you like it’s Your God-Given Right

I get it. You want some head. However, no one owes it to you. No one has to give you something just because you want it. It’s very important to discuss sex goals and the specificity of those goals, like wanting oral sex for example, with your partner. Never go into the bedroom assuming that something is on the menu if it was never discussed beforehand. You may find yourself being disappointed.

  1. Insisting That Your Partner Groom Their Genitals Based On Your Personal Preference

Everyone has a preference on how they like to maintain their personal areas grooming wise. But did you know that its actually rude to tell your partner to shave or get a wax just because you like it that way?

And depending on how you say it, you can unintentionally insult your partner. There are ways around asking your partner to groom themselves differently down there without insulting them. One way is by simply asking them about their grooming preferences and going from there. You may find that they will be more willing to compromise mutually when asked the right way.

  1. Comparing Your New Partner’s Oral Skills to That of a Previous Partner

Some people just have a way of doing things or their just “Orally Gifted” so to speak. No matter what, everyone’s style and level of experience is different. Comparing one to another in many cases is like comparing apples to oranges. Just don’t do it. And don’t tell your partner if you do. If you would like to make alterations on how your partner performs oral sex, you can make suggestions or just tell them what does and doesn’t work for you.

Telling them that so and so was the best oral sex you ever had may cause them to feel insecure or not good enough when it comes to their personal skill. No one likes feeling inadequate. Especially when it comes to sex.

  1. Ejaculating Into Your Partner’s Mouth without Permission

Male or female, this isn’t cool. Some are not okay with the idea of someone ejaculating into their mouth during climax. Some people just don’t care for the taste or even presence of it. And while some can’t control it and honest mistakes are made, please don’t do it on purpose. If your partner requests that you not do it before going down on you and you agree to not do it, doing it may create distrust between you and your partner. This may cause them to never want to go down on you ever again. No one likes an unpleasant surprise.

  1. Using Aggressive Physical Gestures as Way of Making a Suggestion

Guys, I get it. You want your partner to go a little further down on your member. Using a physical gesture like pushing someone’s head down however, may have catastrophic results. If your partner isn’t familiar with deep throating, pushing your member further into their mouth and down their throat may trigger their gag-reflex to go off.

The gag reflex is activated for many reasons but in particular to this situation is to prevent something foreign from going down the throat. Very similar to when someone is brushing their teeth and their toothbrush hits the back of their mouth, causing them to gag. This can cause someone to choke and in some cases throw up their food. It’s just poor manners and unless you want your partner’s lunch in your lap, don’t do it unless you have their consent to do so.

Final Thoughts

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